Amiga Music Collection
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08/05/2009 - Visit my new Amiga Music Collection - 2009 edition site. At the moment it contains over 1400 tunes, with much faster downloads and no annoying advertisements. And thanks to database, searching through tunes is easy, and you can even rate & comment on every tune!

M.A.D - - 688 Sub Attack Future Composer 1.4
M.A.D - - Jumping Jack'son, Castle Master Future Composer 1.3
M.A.D - - Drakkhen Custom Vision
(The) Magic Arts chris1.tbs - City - Kill the Yellow Cars SoundTracker 15 Magic
(The) Magic Arts - - Pirates Future Composer 1.3 Dual
Magnetic Fields - (tune from Amiga game Garfield - Big Fat Hairy Deal) - Hot Stuff David Whittaker Magnetic
(The) Magnum Force wow - Powerball ProTracker Magnum
Mayhem party - Sword and the Rose ProTracker
Metallians - ziphoid/razor Mamba Moves FredEditor
Metallians commandohi (highscore tune from C64 game Commando, original by Rob Hubbard) - Keys of Maramon SoundMon 2.0
Micron rote zora remix lou van b Lemmings VI Plus 66 ProTracker
Micron - - Fatal Heritage Future Composer 1.4
(The) Mighty Druids gonads cracks
a n a r c h y
omri suleiman
Blue Max ProTracker Genesis and
Ministry intro number 33 wotw Project X - Special Edition '93 ProTracker
Ministry geetar matthew simmonds The Killing Machine ProTracker
Ministry matkamies heatbeat / carillon Reach for the Skies ProTracker
Ministry - da morphster/dewl crooooo Bignose the Caveman ProTracker
Miracle newdimention - - SoundMon 2.0
Miracle - - Kid Gloves Future Composer 1.3
Miracle - - Chess Player 2150 English version Custom High Quality
Motion chappi - Leading Lap ProTracker
(The) Movers - - - IFF-8SVX
(The) Movers - - - IFF-8SVX
Mystic synthetik 2 gandbox / ivory Armour Geddon II ProTracker
Mystic ## microtune ## xtd/union Hero Quest II One Level Playable Preview ProTracker
Nemesis fuckfuckfuckfuck mad freak Civilization ProTracker
Nemesis intro-tune morph of dual crew Rubicon, Alien World ProTracker
Nemesis - - Bravo Romeo Delta, Quest for Agravain ProTracker
Nemesis heimdall (intro) core design A.G.E. ProTracker
Nemesis intro number 41 wotw - ProTracker
Nemesis - - Killerball FredEditor
Neutron acid1 - Barney Bear ProTracker
(The) New Age - (title tune from C64 game Comic Bakery, original by Martin Galway) - - Custom New
New Resolution 101 digital shuffle the bitboy-resolution 101 Dragon Fighter playable demo NoiseTracker New Resolution 101
Nightsoft Hangover drum03 - Future Classics 1 Ultimate SoundTracker Nightsoft
No Name Team mix mode - Zany Golf Ultimate SoundTracker No Name
Nova Acies alienchip parsec / submission L'uomo Ragno ProTracker Nova
Noxious trained_by_noxious crayon of noxious Baum - The Game ProTracker
OKS nightfall - Electric Shock Demo Version SoundTracker
Oracle - - Coloris Future Composer 1.4
Oracle - (tune from C64 game Auf Wiedersehen Monty, original by Rob Hubbard) - Bandit Kings of Ancient China, Budokan, Pipemania Music-Assembler
Oracle - - Bomber Bob Hippel
Oracle reinelein - Memtro Digital Mugician
Oracle edge.mod - Antispyrel Ultimate SoundTracker
Oracle dizzymusic2 (tune from Amiga game Magic Land Dizzy) - Escape from the Planet of Robot Monsters SoundMon 2.0
Oracle song42 - Pipeline ProTracker
Oracle edge8 (song called She Drives Me Crazy, originally composed by the Fine Young Cannibals) - Mike Read's Pop Quiz SoundTracker 15
Oracle - - Colony Hippel
Oracle happy ending? wal of punishers Arachnophobia ProTracker
Oracle - - Mr. Heli, Narcissus Custom High Quality
Oracle - - Gary Lineker's Hot Shot, Grimblood Sidmon 1.0
(The) Organized Crime (TOC) - - - ProTracker Skid
(The) Outlaws flight of the bumblebee - Intelligent Strategy Games ProTracker
(The) Outlaws secret gardens emax / trsi - ProTracker
(The) Outlaws - romeo knight (trsi) Eye of the Storm Sidmon 1.0 Tristar and Red
Over the Top cons-smallintro2 c.o.n.s/panic Whizz ProTracker Over the
Over the Top synthsong - Marblelous NoiseTracker Tristar and Red
Palace tip1 tip/phenonema Caesar NoiseTracker
Palace techn. perfection pitty of dytec Diabolik StarTrekker 4
Pandora - - Personal Write v34.34 Future Composer 1.3
Paradise - - Accountant 2.3 Sidmon 2.0
Paradise - - Maxiplan Plus v2.4 Hippel
Paradise monday random voice (edvin fladen) Match Pairs, Retee ProTracker Vision
Paradox intro number 45 wotw Bubba 'n Stix ProTracker
Paradox maestro of kefrens (martin agger) Toyota Celice GT Rally ProTracker
Paradox paradox1 pinnacle Wings of Fury ProTracker
Paradox - - Lamborghini American Challenge, Wild Cup Soccer ProTracker
Paradox prophecy9 - International Soccer Challenge NoiseTracker
Paradox - timeless Nicky Boom II ProTracker
Paradox - - Banshee AGA ProTracker
Paradox - d.d E-Swat, Stun Runner DeltaMusic 2.0
Paradox - samplemixer Super Off-Road DeltaMusic 2.0
Paradox - - Immortal DeltaMusic 2.0
Paradox - (tune from C64 game Delta, original by Rob Hubbard) - Classic Board Games Custom
Paradox - samplemixers (based on Giorgio Moroder's song Chase (Theme from Midnight Express)) Magician DeltaMusic 2.0
Paradox - jesper kristensen Arabian Nights, Crystals of Arborea Future Composer 1.3
Paradox - (tune from C64 game One Man and His Droid, original by Rob Hubbard) - Last Ninja II Music-Assembler
Paradox anarmen 1 4-mat / anarchy Cannon Fodder 2, Football Glory (ECS) ProTracker
Paradox coy-hot onty Sub Trade ProTracker
Paradox - - Disney Animation Studio Hippel
Paradox - - Ishido - The Way of Stones M.O.N.
Paradox - - Snow Strike Future Composer 1.3 Defjam and
Paradox - - Wings of Fury trainer Future Composer 1.3
Paranoimia somewhere - Super Cars, Sherman M4 ProTracker
Paranoimia - - Dyter 07, Their Finest Hour Future Composer 1.4
Paranoimia egyptian - - NoiseTracker
Paranoimia - - Turrican Custom Vision
Paranoimia - - Shinobi Custom Vision
Paranoimia - (crack intro plays subtune 3) - Corsaire David Whittaker Skid
(The) Peace Brothers toen - Dynamite Warriors 2 - Unregistered version ProTracker Peace
(The) Peninsul Team - - Viaje al Centro de la Tierra Future Composer 1.3 Peninsul
Phantasy ace - Belial Ultimate SoundTracker
Phenomenas bluesong - - Ultimate SoundTracker World of
PHR-Crew - - Detector NoiseTracker
Piranhas IBB zzzax no eg zzzax Space Chase v2.0 SoundMon 2.0 Piranhas
Pirates - (hmm, why does this song sound so familiar?) - Roulette Future Composer 1.3
(The) Powerslaves - - Bootgirl v3.0 ProTracker
Prestige - emax of trsi Kid Chaos ProTracker
Prestige - nao / spaceballs Mortal Kombat II, Top Gear 2 ProTracker
Prestige - von rags History ProTracker
Prestige prestige zarch / triflex-addonic - ProTracker
Prestige kyds go wild !!! fabian / desire - ProTracker
Prestige cracktune01 genius / prg - ProTracker
Prestige - (title tune from C64 game Platoon, original by Jonathan Dunn) - The Lion King AGA David Whittaker
Prestige - (tunes from C64 game Arkanoid, original by Martin Galway) - Alien Breed: Tower Assault DeltaMusic 2.0
Prodigy intro number 26 wotw Sensible Golf, Whales Voyage II ProTracker
Prodigy (intro) neutron elwood / massive Cedric ProTracker
Prodigy fairlight placid / vision Der Meister AGA ProTracker
Prodigy hei gonna chip!!! laxcial / scoopex Jaktar - Den Elfenstein ProTracker
Prodigy (trainer) delicate 0ooz! emax / trsi Cedric ProTracker
Prodigy - hellhound / submission Obsession, Super Street Fighter 2 AGA ProTracker
Prodigy c64 last drago - Alien Target ProTracker
Prodigy !6581-mycopcar - Bangboo ProTracker
Progress zeropoint ascender / vanish (andreas bilke) Liberation CD 32 AGA ProTracker
Progress introtune4 darkman Ran-Trainer Update v1.07 German StarTrekker 4
Progress pgs-002 modulator / progress Goblins 3 German ProTracker
Proton - romeo knight (trsi) Z-Out Sidmon 1.0 Tristar and Red
Pulsar aldebaran-short dr j of pulsar Baba Yaga ProTracker
Pulse chip2 strike of pulse Paint It ProTracker
(The) Punishers boogie-woogie.3 (this tune is also used in a PC shareware game called Miniwar) digit Jungle Jim StarTrekker 4
(The) Punishers gentle digit / dns Bloby Blob StarTrekker 4
(The) Punishers (intro) - - Project One DeltaMusic 2.0
(The) Punishers (trainer) dope! digit of punishers Project One StarTrekker 4
(The) Punishers mixie mini version! wal / punishers Sirius VII ProTracker
(The) Punishers - einstein Lords of Chaos DeltaMusic 2.0
(The) Punishers - - Quik and Silva DeltaMusic 2.0
Quartex - - Alfred Chicken ProTracker
Quartex - - Blues Brothers Hippel
Quartex tuf4 - - Ultimate SoundTracker
Quartex palle's theme2 jester of sanity Dawn Patrol ProTracker
Quartex ripped - - Ultimate SoundTracker
Quartex - d.d Flight of the Intruder DeltaMusic 2.0
Quicksilver vandix - Maniac Mansion SoundTracker 15
Quicksilver very small - - Ultimate SoundTracker
Radical - - Warm Up DeltaMusic 2.0
Random Access - - Playhouse Strippoker IFF-8SVX Random
Random Access mc teardrops Olivier van Liempt Veteran SoundTracker 15 Random
Razor 1911 - - Continuum, Renegade Legion Interceptor Music-Assembler Razor 1911
Razor 1911 necroscope mantronix / razor 1911 (martin wall) Birds of Prey ProTracker Razor 1911
Razor 1911 - - Pstereo Intro, Spirit of Excalibur Hippel-COSO Razor 1911
Razor 1911 - - Super C FredEditor Razor 1911
Razor 1911 - - 9 Lives M.O.N.
Razor 1911 - - Sculpt 4d v2.09 FredEditor Razor 1911 and
Razor 1911 & Classic - (title tune from Amiga game Robocop) jonathan dunn Betrayl FredEditor Razor 1911 and
Razor 1911 & Classic - - Obitus FredEditor Razor 1911 and
Razor 1911 & Classic - (ingame tunes from Amiga game Turrican 2) Chris Hülsbeck Overlord TFMX Pro Razor 1911 and
Rebels tix09.satanick reflex Calippo ProTracker
Rebels warning sign mantronix Fast Import Intro NoiseTracker
Red Sector amegas (title tune from Amiga game called Amegas (C) -) - The Great Giana Sisters Ultimate SoundTracker Red
Red Sector - - Commando Future Composer 1.4
Red Sector - - Stryx Sidmon 1.0
Reflex xout (loader tune from Amiga game X-Out) - Escape from Tharkan ProTracker
Resistance shipmania7 placid / vision Rexxmasher v2.04 ProTracker
Resistance downfall nearby laxical / scoopex Varez v3.0 ProTracker
Resolution 101 L.=.= 4-mat of anarchy Tilt ProTracker Skid
(The) Roncler Gang starworx 4-mat Kick Off 2 Final Whistle ProTracker
Royal eastside [unwrd] - Mr. Tomato ProTracker
Rudi Ratlor and Rat ABC jaba point.grim grim / dtl Dungeon Delver NoiseTracker Subzero, Selim and