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08/05/2009 - Visit my new Amiga Music Collection - 2009 edition site. At the moment it contains over 1400 tunes, with much faster downloads and no annoying advertisements. And thanks to database, searching through tunes is easy, and you can even rate & comment on every tune!

Genesis - (title tune from C64 game Comic Bakery, original by Martin Galway) tristar - JamCracker
Genesis & Angels gonads cracks
a n a r c h y
omri suleiman
Crazy Sue, Lotus I, Advanced Fruit Simulator, Count Duckula ProTracker Genesis and
GIN synthetic_fields skillion / e. piracy Bomb Jacky ProTracker
GNU Design chipchap sportsman / gnu design Georg Glaxo ProTracker GNU
GOD (Global Over Dose) - - Alien Basher MusicAssembler
Goonies - - Ninja Gaiden 2 M.O.N.
Gothic intro number 32 wotw of gothic - ProTracker
Gothic intro number 37 wotw of gothic Multi Paint ProTracker
Gothic - - - ProTracker Skid
(The) Great Swappers n.s speed titan (uncle tom) - SoundTracker 15 Great
Haujobb chubby-chip-chip mark 't.d.k.' knight Lamborghini American Challenge ProTracker
Heavy Cool Cracks (HCC) killer bees(t).chip donovan Pirates Gold AGA ProTracker Heavy Cool
Heavy Cool Cracks (HCC) big numbers. 536384 bassline Pinball Fantasies AGA NoiseTracker Heavy Cool
Hellfire cc!_005 cocaine / crest Worms AGA ProTracker
Hellfire hellfire... - Bograts AGA ProTracker
Hellfire hellfire3 - Hillsea Lido ProTracker
Hellfire chip_67 - Impact '95 ProTracker
Hellfire gmc music! - Jaguar AMOS Basic Konverter
Hellfire intro.dsx.4 d.s.x. design / trsi Harry's Balloons AGA ProTracker
Hellfire cheeseburger heatbeat Lost on Parrot Isle ProTracker
Hellfire jump and run wotw - ProTracker
Hellfire - - Alert X (Polish) ProTracker
Hellfire c64!cc_rmx cocaine / crest Super Loopz AGA ProTracker
Hellfire analyzer emax / trsi Time Keepers ProTracker TRSI and
Heresy brocken-clock reflex / heresy Diabolik ProTracker
Heresy - reflex Nathan Never ProTracker
Heresy heresy alex Smash Playable Preview ProTracker
Heresy - - Cattivik ProTracker Thrill Kill
Heresy & Zenith antipasti#35 2pac Ishar II AGA ProTracker Heresy and
High Quality Cracking (HQC) - (tune from C64 game Storm, original by David Whittaker) - Test Drive Custom High Quality
High Quality Cracking (HQC) & Black Monks - - R-Type II playable demo Custom High Quality
High Quality Cracking (HQC) & Megaforce grill20 - Galactic Conqueror III NoiseTracker High Quality Cracking and
High Tension - - - Future Composer 1.3 High
Hoodlum - - Behind the Iron Gate, Whales Voyage 2 ProTracker
Hoodlum noizzz!!
noizzz! -> shortie?
fabian / desire Impossible Mission 2025
Hoodlum abyss_disissid_1.3 (C64 tune Disco Zax, original by Thomas Mogensen aka Drax) pink (manfred linzner) Fears ProTracker
Hoodlum commandohi (highscore tune from C64 game Commando, original by Rob Hubbard) - Banshee AGA SoundMon 2.0
Hoodlum - (loader tune in some Ocean C64 games, original by Martin Galway) - Big Picture ProTracker
Hoodlum kompotuuni.tls toneless / 2000 a.d. Darkmere ProTracker
Hoodlum carrier_detect christian maeland Backgammon Royal ProTracker
Hoodlum 'lill_boyz' xta-c / toc - ProTracker
Hoodlum - - Caribbian Disaster Future Composer 1.4
Hoodlum - - Virocop AGA ProTracker
Hoodlum hurlevent 3 arpegiator / chryseis Tetrys AGA ProTracker
Hoodlum - (tune from C64 game Warhawk, original by Rob Hubbard) archon Muzzy Delta Music 2.0
Hoodlum - (tunes from C64 game Arkanoid, original by Martin Galway) - Muzzy DeltaMusic 2.0
Horizon - - Impossamole MusicAssembler
Horizon - blaizer / silents Awesome, Awesome Preview, Nitro, Pang, Line of Fire Future Composer 1.4
Horizon - - Clown-o-Mania Custom Vision
Infinite Perfection - double trouble (trsi) Cover Action Preview SonicArranger Infinite
Infinite Perfection - bm Legacy SonicArranger
Insane - tommy Spherical Worlds ProTracker
Insane - - Inferior ProTracker
Intensity - gu-ru Forest Dumb (Polish) ProTracker
Interpol - monty Flashback ProTracker
Interpol - chrylian - ProTracker
Italian Cracking Service (ICS) - (ingame tunes from Amiga game Turrican, original by Chris Hülsbeck) - - TFMX 1.x Italian Cracking
Ivory - gandbox / ivory synthetik ProTracker
Jet Set deep-space wars (end of the song is from movie Star Wars) hollywood / jet set / sr - ProTracker Jet
Jism - wayne kerr Dinosaurs, Noddy's Big Adventure ProTracker
Jism u can't rip us. stratos of complex Noddy's Playtime ProTracker
Joy & Mgf & Cpu level2 - Teenage Queen Ultima SoundTracker Joy and Mgf and
Kingdom toki11 - Naughty Ones PumaTracker
Kingdom - - Gamesmith NoiseTracker
Krabat sll8 - Space Racer Ultimate SoundTracker
Legend digits blues! digit of punishers Hunter, Mercs, Elf ProTracker
Legend yello digit of punishers Double Dragon III ProTracker
Legend badmoon damien Robocop 3 ProTracker
Legend zice mix - Balloonacy NoiseTracker
Legend happy-rhytm1 ashok Reversie ProTracker
Legend past tense (9k_ver.) greenhouse / excell - ProTracker
Legend introtune mr. frenzy - NoiseTracker
Legend ice damien / anthrox Ork ProTracker
Legend wandering_mind. dirk of legend Polly Morf ProTracker
Legend mod.dragon otis Sky High, Cyber Blast ProTracker
Legend commandohi (highscore tune from C64 game Commando, original by Rob Hubbard) - - SoundMon 2.0
Legend & Masters happy new year digit Hypnotic Land NoiseTracker Legend and
Legion Software Alliance (LSA) jump back hydlide / defekt Moonstone (AGA fixed) ProTracker Legion Software
Lightforce eposium mindshadow / foundation Fighting Spirit ProTracker
Lightforce intentional - Formula One Masters ProTracker
Lightforce intro number 31 wotw Der Boss ProTracker
Lightforce intro_001 smt Samba Party ProTracker
Lightforce - - Der Produzent ProTracker
Lightforce 16th intro - - ProTracker
Lightforce decade1.exe (exactly the same tunes as, only the module name has changed from intro number 73 to decade1.exe) - Kargon ProTracker
Lightforce orgasmic-chipper2 mark 't.d.k.' knight Samba Party Pro ProTracker
Lightforce intro number 33 wotw P.O.W.D.E.R. ProTracker
(The) Loons wabes (this is some famous classical song right?) - Bob's Bad Day, Football Glory AGA ProTracker
LSD yesterday.mub (song called Yesterday, original by the Beatles) - A320 Airbus ProTracker
LSD ooer joffy?????.mub - Hero Quest Expansion Disk ProTracker
LSD tap music (future) bernard sumner / lsd Odyssey ProTracker
LSD some days bernard sumner / lsd Samurai - The Way of the Warrior ProTracker
LSD almost.joff spirit Brainball ProTracker
LSD puppy poppy bernard sumner / lsd Bounce AGA ProTracker