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08/05/2009 - Visit my new Amiga Music Collection - 2009 edition site. At the moment it contains over 1400 tunes, with much faster downloads and no annoying advertisements. And thanks to database, searching through tunes is easy, and you can even rate & comment on every tune!

2000 AD - 4mat/anarchy WizKid ProTracker
Abandon - megawatt & the sound legend Kick Off 2 - Return to Europe ProTracker
Absolute the muzak2.4 adt, crm, petroff & t-bozz - ProTracker
Abuse block_rockin_chips - - ProTracker
Abuse - - - ProTracker
Abyss - pink / abyss Virtual Dreams ProTracker
Access chariots..... (title tune from movie Chariots of Fire, original by Vangelis) bernard sumner / lsd Flink ProTracker
Access -your-face-... patrick lindsey Skeleton Krew ProTracker
Access sanctify jozz / blc Exterior ProTracker
Access cut_sanity scud X-It ProTracker
Access ocean - Gulp SoundMon 2.0
Access - blaizer / silents Shadow of the Beast 3 Future Composer 1.4
Access - - Wolfchild FredEditor
Accession - turtle WizKid ProTracker
Accession - - Cyberzerk NoiseTracker
Accession - larza Defender of the Crown ProTracker
Accession sublimity turtle - ProTracker
Ache and Extensors short futureworld Hudson Hornet ProTracker Ache and
Ackerlight spacetravelling pat Captain Blood, Speedball SoundTracker 15
Ackerlight heavy but cool - Crash Garrett ProTracker
Ackerlight electronic rambling pat Purple Saturn Day SoundTracker 15
Ackerlight moi mouse grafix Compact disk #11 (Helter Skelter, Scorpio, Hootshoot) SoundTracker 15
Ackerlight as fred Compact disk #6 (Bermuda Project, Ikari Warrior, Thundercats), Memorix NoiseTracker
Ackerlight fred.mus fred Bob Momare ProTracker
Ackerlight n.s speed - No Excuses SoundTracker 15 Great
ACU (Australian Crackers United) mod.ziriax - Desert II ProTracker
ACU (Australian Crackers United) stref - - SoundTracker 15
ACU (Australian Crackers United) - - - Custom Vision
Adept - - Lionheart Preview Future Composer 1.3
Advanced Chemistry - - Hybris ProTracker Advanced
Aeon tennis starbuck O'Connors Fight ProTracker
Agile intro1 fred The Simpons: Bart vs. Space Mutants, Castle Master 2 ProTracker
Agile sad-strings - Cricket Amiga NoiseTracker
Agile - (tune from C64 game Cybernoid 2, original by Jeroen Tel) - Mega-Traveller Hippel
Agile c64-amiga-song - Miami Chase ProTracker
Agile - (tune from C64 game Crazy Comets, original by Rob Hubbard) - World Rugby Hippel
Agile synthdrum - Gods SoundMon 2.0 Skid
Alcatraz & Setrox commando (ingame tune from C64 game Commando, original by Rob Hubbard) - Intaet SoundMon 2.0 Alcatraz and
Alcatraz & Setrox - (loader tune from Amiga game X-Out) - Combo Racer TFMX 1.x Alcatraz and
Alpha Flight waitsmash lazy-smasher Rick Dangerous SoundTracker 15 Alpha
Alpha Flight - - Terror Liner Sidmon 1.0 Alpha
Alpha Flight catsh.syn syntan Defenda ProTracker Alpha
Alpha Flight jetfire - Chamonix Challenge Pro Tracker Alpha
Alpha Flight - - Tennis-Cup German Custom Skid
Amaze mod.hawk (based on Tangerine Dreams' song Le Parc (L.A. Street Hawk)) - Sim City Ancient Cities SoundMon 2.0
Andromeda rhumba-theme lord interface Thrallbound ProTracker
Angels - - Panza Kick Boxing, Plotting Future Composer 1.3
Angels - (title tune from C64 game Comic Bakery, original by Martin Galway) - Prince of Persia, Shadow of the Beast 2 Hippel
Angels - zetrix - DeltaMusic 2.0
Angels - - Last Ninja II, Lost Patrol Future Composer 1.3
Angels - - Legend of Faerghail DeltaMusic 1.0
Angels - - Loom final french version M.O.N.
Angels - d.d - DeltaMusic 2.0
Anthrox - mark 't.d.k.' knight Qwak, Jetstrike ProTracker
Anthrox mixie mini version! wal / punishers Big Run ProTracker
Anthox techno quartz mark 't.d.k.' knight Blob, Rubicon, Push Over ProTracker
Anthrox the_other_life. archon Project X - Special Edition '93 ProTracker
Anthrox orgasmic-chipper2 mark 't.d.k.' knight Caesar Deluxe ProTracker
Anthrox raxxionmania homicide Hired Guns CD32 AGA ProTracker
Anthrox fireballs martin wall Metal Law NoiseTracker
Anthrox pro-synths wal / dual crew Clik Clax NoiseTracker
Anthrox quartex2 (tune from Amiga game Turrican, original by Chris Hülsbeck) reflex Bravo Romeo Delta NoiseTracker
Anthrox adsr - the dub dremfish / dcs & fade Workoholic ProTracker
Anthrox - bassline - ProTracker
Anthrox - (tune from C64 game Delta, original by Rob Hubbard) walkman Bully's Sporting Darts Future Composer 1.4
Anthrox - - Cool Coyote in Fire & Ice Sidmon 1.0
Anthrox - - Chuck Rock II Sidmon 1.0
Anthrox happy ending? wal of punishers Shadow of the Beast III ProTracker
Anthrox big numbers. 536384 bassline Video Kid NoiseTracker Heavy Cool
Anthrox commandohi (highscore tune from C64 game Commando, original by Rob Hubbard) - Syndicate SoundMon 2.0
Anthrox badmoon damien Cardiax ProTracker
Apocalypse degraded jozz Happy Monster ProTracker
Aspect 5_myror_ar_fler_an loxley / equinox Ishar III - The Seven Fate of Infinity (GERMAN) ProTracker
Aspect toki8 toki Sword and the Rose PumaTracker
Atlantis - - Die Hard II M.O.N.
Aurora - blaizer / silents Ski or Die Future Composer 1.4
Avantgarde trance to dance ! (remix from Prodigy's song No Good) sonic Space Bomber 3 ProTracker
Avenger deadlock - Bio Challenge SoundTracker 15
A.X.E. - - Street Rod Sidmon 1.0
Axxion anti (based on finnish song Naurava kulkuri, original by Vesa-Matti Loiri) - - ProTracker
Backlash trainermusic2 skybird Metal Law ProTracker
Backlash trainermusic3 skybird Lotus III ProTracker
Backlash heavenz tearz.. mem'o ree & jazzcon Pioneers ProTracker
Backlash shortie12 infinity / blh Armour Geddon 2 ProTracker
Backlash commando (ingame tune from C64 game Commando, original by Rob Hubbard) - High Octane SoundMon 2.0 Alcatraz and
Bad Karma badkarma pragma Bounce (AGA) ProTracker Bad
Bamiga Sector 1 bubbletune - Outrun ProTracker Bamiga Sector One
Bamiga Sector 1 wave Olivier van Liempt Gemini Wing ProTracker Bamiga Sector One
"I called the tune "Wave", because I was the FIRST to use beep tones in Protracker (waveform - just a sample but then looped on a small part) as if I was using an analogue music program.. When I created this song I was inspired by the theme tune of Hybris" -Olivier van Liempt
Bamiga Sector 1 & Cybertech fun tune - Grand Prix Circuit ProTracker Bamiga Sector One and
Bamiga Sector 1 & The Kent Team hymn to yezz - BMX-Simulator Ultimate SoundTracker Bamiga Sector One and The Kent
Bamiga Sector 1 & The Kent Team endtheme karsten obarski BMX Simulator, Centerfold Squares, Digi-Paint v1.34 Ultimate SoundTracker Bamiga Sector One and The Kent
Bamiga Sector 1 & The Kent Team sll9 sll Inertia ProTracker Bamiga Sector One and The Kent
Bamiga Sector 1 & Quaram sleepwalk karsten obarski Thundercats ProTracker Bamiga Sector One and
Bamiga Sector 1 & Quaram - (tunes from C64 game Bubble Bobble, original by Peter Clarke) - Bivouac David Whittaker
Bamiga Sector One and
Bamiga Sector One and
Bamiga Sector 1 & Quaram sll13.3 sll Major Motions ProTracker Bamiga Sector One and
(The) Band esa026bis blasco Shadow of the Beast ProTracker
(The) Band mister2 - Archipelagos SoundTracker 15
(The) Band - (title tune from Amiga game Hybris) - Dame Grand Maitre Custom
Betrayal - einstein Chaos Strikes Back DeltaMusic 2.0
Betrayal - - Jamcracker Pro TFMX Pro
Betrayal ferry teel. - Lemmings Digital Mugician
Betrayal - - CJ's Elephant Antics Maniacs of Noise
Bionic Commando's karina-rene - Xor SoundTracker 15 Bionic
(The) Bitstoppers frontier.synth - Abra Cadabra SoundMon 2.0
(The) Bitstoppers piano - Capone NoiseTracker
(The) Bitstoppers - - Ball Throw Animation, Battle Mech IFF-SVX8
(The) Bitstoppers & Fusion - samplemixer F1 Tornado DeltaMusic 2.0
Black Monks bloood (title tune from Amiga game Blood Money) - Silk Worm ProTracker Black
Black Monks gng50 - Xorron 2001 SoundTracker 15 Black
Black Monks airwolf2 - Xenon II ProTracker Black
Black Monks jarremix (Jean Michel Jarre's Fourth Rendez-vous) - Soccer Manager Plus ProTracker Black
(The) Blade Runners song - Iridon SoundTracker Blade
Blitter Brothers acidbat2 (tune from Amiga game Batman the Caped Crusader) - Chicago '90 SoundTracker 15 Blitter
Blizzard crystalhammer (title tune from Amiga game Crystal Hammer) karsten obarski - ProTracker
Brain Wave - (Same tune as Classic8, only difference is the version of FC player) - Silicon Implosion Future Composer 1.3 Brain
Bronx juzt sk00l'd 0ut - - ProTracker
Byte Busters blast your brain silence - ProTracker Byte
CBC the song - Heroes of Lance Ultimate SoundTracker
CBC ms1 - - ProTracker
(The) Champs nothing - - ProTracker
Cherry intro number 75.1 wotw Micro Machines ProTracker
Classic zapped-out 4-mat Back to the Future III, Brat ProTracker
Classic violent dezecrator (dez) The Amazing Spiderman NoiseTracker
Classic introkiller dezecrator (dez) Midnight Resistance NoiseTracker
Classic scuba diving vega / scoopex / duplo Arya Vaiv / Dongelware ProTracker
Classic introgasm the dezecrator Paradroid 90 NoiseTracker
Classic surrender... meo. / abyss Armour Geddon 2 ProTracker
Classic - - Manchester United Europe, Billy the Kid Future Composer 1.4
Classic - (Same tune as Brain Wave, only difference is the version of FC player) - Ski Or Die Future Composer 1.4
Classic - - Crime Time Ron Klaren Soundmodule
Classic the trip to nowhere - Time Soldier NoiseTracker
Classic introghost dezecrator Cloud of Kingdoms NoiseTracker
Classic introfronty dezecrator (dez) Dragon's Lair II NoiseTracker
Comax ingame (ingame tune from Amiga game Blood Money) - Diabolik 6 ProTracker
Comax roboingame (ingame tune from Amiga game ?) - Bouncing Bill ProTracker
(The) Company labello - Bards Tale III SoundMon 2.0
(The) Company laidback4 - Block Shock NoiseTracker
(The) Company - - Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Sidmon 2.0
Conspiracy - - Black Crypt M.O.N.
(The) Copy Crew stack (original module name sll9 has been changed to name stack. Otherwise the tunes are exactly the same) - - ProTracker Bamiga Sector One and The Kent
Corrupt - dreamer - ProTracker
Corpse starworx 4-mat Apidya 2 ProTracker
Crack, Inc. dt-funky-sr double trouble Push Over ProTracker Crack
Crack, Inc. intro number 33 wotw The Carl Lewis Challenge ProTracker
Crest - (tunes from C64 game Arkanoid, original by Martin Galway) - Watchtower AGA DeltaMusic 2.0
Crest - subzero Jimmy's Fantastic Journey Sidmon 2.0 Skid
Crest - leffty Valhalla 3 SonicArranger Tristar and Red
Crimewatch & Bastard Squad funkybass h of bastard squad Devpac III NoiseTracker Crimewatch and Bastard
Crux - - Pinball Prelude SonicArranger
Crystal seikkailumies - Overdrive ProTracker
Crystal 1patternloop1v3 mark 't.d.k.' knight Creatures ProTracker
Crystal micro - Street Fighter II, Assassin ProTracker
Crystal - mark 't.d.k.' knight Moonstone, Black Hornet ProTracker
Crystal introfronty dezecrator (dez) P.P. Hammer ProTracker
Crystal happy ending? w/\l of punishers Napoleon War ProTracker
Crystal (c) vertigo - Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz NoiseTracker
Crystal starworx 4-mat Arnhem ProTracker
Crystal - - Die Hard II, Steel Empire TronicTracker
Crystal - - 4d Sports Driving, Indy Heat, Big Run, Jetsons Tronic Tracker
Crystal - (tune from C64 game Last V8, original by Rob Hubbard) archon 'Allo 'Allo DeltaMusic 2.0
Crystal - (title tune from C64 game Comic Bakery, original by Martin Galway) - Super Frog Hippel
Crystal - blaizer / silents Armageddon Future Composer 1.4
Crystal - - Paramax, Zool Custom High Quality
Crystal intro-tune morph of dual crew Demoniak ProTracker
D-Age jeroen_tel_tune.cpr chipper of grace-sf - ProTracker
D-Age staero ec-rider / alcatraz - ProTracker
D-Age dt-sigma 7 - Strikes 'n' Spares ProTracker
D-Tect violent dezecrator (dez) Darkman NoiseTracker
Decade intro number 73 wotw Gunship 2000 ProTracker
Decade only a song mr. beat A-Sampler V2.0 ProTracker
Decade - - Civilization Future Composer 1.3
Decade - - Revenge of the Dynasty: Bandit Kings of Ancient China 2 Sidmon 1.0
Decay - - Puzznic M. Grouleff
Defcon One - - Hard Drivin II Future Composer 1.3 Defjam and
Defjam short-trip mekkannik Mercs ProTracker
Defjam bluesgunnbest (ingame tune from Amiga game Blues Brothers) - Blues Brother ProTracker
Defjam the last kuusnepa wal of punishers P.P. Hammer ProTracker
Defjam traz - Jinks SoundTracker 15
Defjam - - Feudal Lord M.O.N.
Defjam & Angels - - Macro Paint Future Composer 1.3 Defjam and
Defjam & CCS - (crack intro plays subtune 2) - Ghouls'n'Ghosts Hippel Defjam and
Defjam-CCS-ACC - - Fire and Brimstone, World Cup Football Manager Future Composer 1.3 Defjam-CCS-
Defjam-CCS-ACC - (tune from C64 game Auf Wiedersehen Monty, original by Rob Hubbard) - Crack Down Music-Assembler
Defjam-CCS-ACC - - Their Finest Hour - The Battle of Britain Music-Assembler Razor 1911
Defjam & CCS & Spreadpoint - - Blood Money Custom Vision
Delight - voyce Bomb 'X ProTracker
Delight circus time.2 voyce / delight Boscar ProTracker
Delight hi-lite/scoopex voyce Fussball ProTracker
Delight extreme_int. - Marble Rescue ProTracker
Delight shorty1 devastator / miranda Freak Out NoiseTracker
Delight - (theme from movie Midnight Express, original by Giorgio Moroder) voyce Total Carnage ProTracker
Delirium - - Gloom Deluxe ProTracker
Delirium - pink Shoot the Racist, Pinball Brain Damage ProTracker
Desire - - Boulderdash Collection Future Composer 1.3
Diamonds & Rust hulk hulk by dvs bright brick of devils KGB, Lemmings II ProTracker Diamonds and
Diamonds & Rust - (tune from C64 game Delta, original by Rob Hubbard) - Shizophrenia Future Composer 1.3 Diamonds and
Digital Corruption intro number 33 wotw Lale Sivascilari ProTracker
Digital Sanctity loader tune 1 - F18 Interceptor ProTracker Digital
Digital Sanctity scales of joy mel o'dee / shining Maniac Bomber ProTracker Digital
Digital Sanctity yo joe trainer trsi - Street Rod ProTracker Digital
Divina fireballs martin wall Italian Night 1999 NoiseTracker
Divina pro-synths wal / dual crew Dragon Fighter NoiseTracker
Doctor Box Soft tj at mikes voyce Amy Putt ProTracker Doctor Box
Disarm hardcore4-short dynabyte Cave Runner ProTracker
Dragons poc to wind - Nishiran pre-version ProTracker
Dual Crew - - Punisher final, Time Race pre., Abyss Future Composer 1.3 Dual
Dual Crew - - Startrash Profiteam-Soundfactory Dual
Dual Crew Shining anal2 optic Foundation Gold ProTracker Dual Crew
Dual Crew Shining & Desire kit wanker soul & merlin F-117A ProTracker Dual Crew Shining and
Dynamix lost scrotum paso / dynamix Goal! ProTracker
Dytec intro_i paso of dytec Harpoon update and battleset ProTracker
Dytec techn. perfection pitty of dytec Deliverance StarTrekker 4
Endless Piracy - - Seat Driving Simulation Hippel Endless
Endless Piracy unit-a-remix hijack/brainwave Cubix ProTracker Endless
Endless Piracy - - Monster Business MCMD Endless
Endless Piracy - - Enchanted Land MCMD Endless
Energy aerodynamisk neger - Gods ProTracker
Energy - (highscore tune from C64 game Commando, original by Rob Hubbard) - Populous II JamCracker
Energy - (crack intro plays subtune 2) - Qattro FredEditor Tarkus
Energy - einstein Die Hard II DeltaMusic 2.0
Escape - (tunes from C64 game Bubble Bobble, original by Peter Clarke) - Oil Imperium David Whittaker
Bamiga Sector One and
Bamiga Sector One and
Euphoria hallonsoda maniac - ProTracker
Extreme fuckfuckfuckfuck - Auf Dem Weg Nach Europa ProTracker
Fairlight dotty flowers.short genius / flt Full Contact, Warzone StarTrekker 4
Fairlight - groo History Line, Penthouse Hot Numbers, Space Crusade ProTracker
Fairlight - (tune from C64 game Warhawk, original by Rob Hubbard) archon Second Samurai DeltaMusic 2.0
Fairlight - (tune from C64 game Last V8, original by Rob Hubbard) archon Bubba 'n Stix DeltaMusic 2.0
Fairlight no future - 1869 ProTracker
Fairlight - - Elfmania ProTracker
Fairlight fireworks martin wall Sidmon 2 NoiseTracker
Fairlight - - Grand National Hippel
Fairlight - - - ProTracker
Fairlight - (tune from C64 game Enlightenment: Druid II) david hanlon DuckTales SID
Fairlight - monty - SonicArranger
Fairlight - blaizer / silents Rectangle Future Composer 1.4
Faith c!s-asm96.exe - Talmino AGA ProTracker
Faith - (end of this song is from a cartoon Maya The Bee) snoopy Worthword Registration Editor ProTracker
Faith timeless lou van b. of arise - ProTracker
Fazwonga whistling fred mel o'dee / shadows - ProTracker
Fienbein Software - - Haegar Final M.O.N.
(The) Fire Starters party - - SoundTracker 15
Freezers pull the plug! atheist of freezers Akira ProTracker
Fuck Comunication Corporate (FCC) trainertune - Wayne Gretzky Hockey II PumaTracker Fuck Comunication
Fusion - - Fate Gates of Dawn, Storm Master SonicArranger
Fusion fusion crack remix - - ProTracker