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I've had some requests for rippers I've used, so here's a list of them with screenshots, some information and where to get them. As you may have noticed, they are downloaded from a swedish Aminet server, and therefore some (or all) download links can be broken. In that case, you should use Aminet's search to find and download these files from some other Aminet server.

Then, how to use a ripper? Well, first start the game, and when you hear the music you'd like to try to rip, reset your Amiga (or if you have Action Replay, then select option that Amiga won't clear it's memory when you reset it. I don't remember for sure if Amiga clears it's memory when it's reseted?). Then, load the selected ripper, set options (if needed) and start ripping. If you're lucky, it reports that xxx has been found.. There are many games and intros which musics can't be ripped, and if you manage to rip them, they are usually in a format that no player can play..

All the rippers here are for Amiga as there's really no good rippers for PC..


ExoticGUI © René Trolldenier and Mark Leitiger
Latest version (GUI): 3.3
Latest version (Text): 2.32
Kickstart (GUI) 2.04+
Kickstart (text) 1.3+
Download: ExoticRip33.lha ~232 kb

This program is for detecting the largest variety of musicformats available for the AMIGA®. Detection is possible in both a dynamic buffer you can read any data to and in specified valid system memory ranges. At the moment a total of 97 different Soundformats can be detected.ExoticRipper® offers a CLI like console interface to the user.

ExoticRipper's® aim is to make you boldly hear what no man has heard before...

Exotic Ripper can detect & rip following music formats:

BPSoundMon2.0-3.0, DeltaMusic2.0, DigitalMugician, Hippel7V, FutureComposer1.3, FutureComposer1.4, Hippel, JamCracker, MED, MARKII, SoundTrackerPro3.0, NoisePacker1.0-3.0, Promizer1.0-2.0, ProPacker2.0-3.0/CryptoburnerPacker/ModuleProtector1.0, ProRunner1.0, QuadraComposer, PumaTracker, SonicArranger(PC), SoundFX1.3, SIDmon1.0, SIDmon2.0, SoundTracker2.6/ICE-Tracker1.x, Pro-/Noise-/Star-/SoundTracker/NoiseRunner/WantonPacker/PolkaPacker/ModuleProtector2.0, TFMX, DigitalSoundStudio, TheMusicalEnlightment, ManiacsOfNoise, ChipTracker(KRIS/4mat), Oktalyzer, Hippel-COSO, Fred, UNIC-Tracker1/UNIC-Tracker2, MusicAssembler, ProRunner2.0, DavidWhittaker(all)/J.C.Brooke, Synthesis/InStereo!, MartinWalker, ActionamicsSoundTool, MortenGrouleff, SoundControl, SoundFX2.0, OldSoundTracker, DeltaMusic1.0, ProPacker1.0, Tronic, The Player 4.xx, Jason Page Type 1, FaceTheMusic, MaxTrax, AProSys, MajorTomPlayer V2, NoiseTracker(Packed), The Player 5.0A/6.0A, GameMusicCreator, VectorDean, DigitalIllusions(SilentsTracker), EurekaPacker, Promizer4.0, AMOS-Basic Konverter, SKYT-Packer, MCMD, VoodooSupremeSynthesizer, TrackerPacker2.0-3.1 (MexxPacker), SynTracker, Kefrens Sound Machine, Tracker Packer1.0 (old MexxPacker), StarTrekker(Packed), Mark Cooksey, Profiteam-Soundfactory, Art Of Noise Tracker, New Jason Page, Abyss Highest Experience, Music Line Editor, AC1D-Packer, Laxity(Powermusic/PT), GLUE-Mon, Fasttracker, Tiny Willy, Stonepacker/-tracker & A.M.Composer.


Amiga © James "Insane Warrior" Ostrowick and Ray "StarWriter" Heasman
Latest version: 1.40
Kickstart 1.3+
Download: JackTheRip140.lha ~25 kb

Jack the Ripper is a quite small, but a powerful ripper with a text interface.

Jack the Ripper can detect & rip following music formats:

ProTracker, NoiseTracker, StarTrekker, MED and OctaMED, SoundMon 2.0/2.2 ,TFMX 1.5/Pro/7CH, KRIS or CHIP tracker, The Player 4.0A/4.0B/4.1A/5.0/6.0(light), Digital Mugician, Synthesis/InStero4.0, ProRunner1.0/2.0, Futurecomposer1.3/1.4, Oktalyzyer 1.56, SidMon II, COSO-Hippel, SoundFX1.3, IceTracker1.0/1.1 PUMAtracker, ProPacker 1.0a, QuadraComposer, WantonPacker, JamCracker, Major Tom 2.0B, Promizer4.0, AproSys, David Whittaker Old, Delta Music2.0, UNIC-Tracker, AMOS Basic Converter,Vector Dean Actionamics Sound Tool, NoiseRunner,Take/Fast Tracker, PoweMusic, TrackerPacker 3.0,SoundFX2.0, SoundTracker 2.6, MED/OctaMED, NoisePacker2.0, NoisePacker3.0, Sonic Arranger(pc), Sonic Arranger, Silents Tracker, ProPacker 2.1/2.x/ModuleProtector, Promizer1.x/2.0, Game Music Creator, P50A/P60A (Heavy), Tronic Tracker, UNIC-Tracker 2,TrackerPacker 2.0 & ActiVision PRO.


Amiga © Jelly-Fish of Unit One & Robin Hood of Fantasy
Latest version: 3.0
Kickstart 1.3+
Download: MultiR30.lha ~40 kb

Multi Ripper can detect & rip following music formats:

ProTracker 1.0a-1.1b / NoiseTracker 1.0-2.0, Future Composer 1.0-1.4, SoundMon, Mark II Sound System, JamCracker, NoisePacker v2.01, NoisePacker v3.00, TFMX-Editor, DeltaMusic v2.0-v2.2, Digital Mugician & StarTrekker (4 voices).

NOISE CONVERTER (ripper & converter)

Noise Converter © Defect Softworks, written by Henryk Richter
Latest version: 1.53
Kickstart 2.04+
Download: Noiseconverter.lha ~102 kb

Noiseconverter is a freeware program to convert several Tracker related music formats into some other formats like Protracker`s module format, Quadracomposer`s EMODs or even the Art of Noise fileformat.

Noise Converter can detect & rip following music formats:

Amos Music Bank, Promizer 2.0, Audio Sculpture, Promizer 4.0 , ChipTracker, Prorunner 1.0, Cryptoburners Packer, Prorunner 2.0, Digital Illusions, Propacker 1.0 (1), DSS, Propacker 1.0 (2), Eureka Packer, Propacker 2.1/3.0, FC-M Packer, Protracker, Fuzzac Packer, SKYT-Packer , Game Music Creator, SoundFX 1.3, HanniPacker, SoundTracker 2.3-2.5, Heatseeker MC1.0, Soundtracker 2.6, IceTracker, Soundtracker PRO 3.0, Kefrens Sound Machine, Startrekker 4 FM, Kris, Startrekker Packer, Laxity Player, Strangeplayer, Moduleprotector, The Player V4.0/4.1, Noisepacker 1.0/2.0, The Player V5.0/6.0/6.1, Noisepacker 3.0, Trackerpacker 1, Noiserunner, Trackerpacker 2, Noisetracker, Trackerpacker 3, Noisetracker 1.3 packed, Unic-Tracker, Old Soundtracker, Unic-Tracker2, Pha Packer, Wantonpacker, Powermusic, XANN Packer, Promizer 1.x, AC1D-D1CA Packer, Polkarunner & HCD Protector.

PERVERTER (converter)

Perverter © K.I.W.I/Effect
Latest version: 1.41
Kickstart 1.3+
Download: PerverterV1.41.lha ~14 kb

Perverter can convert 15 different Pro Tracker clones (NoisePacker, ProRunner-I & II, Promizer-I & II, Propacker-I & II, LaxityPacker, P4xx Packer, KrisPacker, SndTracker2.5, SilentsPacker..) to normal Pro Tracker format. Small, easy to use & fast!

PRO WIZARD (ripper & converter)

Pro-Wizard © Nicolas Franck
Latest version 2.20
Kickstart 2.04+
Download: Pro-Wizard_220.lha ~817 kb

Pro-Wizard is a multi-converter for music modules "packed" with tools like NoisePacker, Promizer, ProPacker, ProRunner and so on.... Of course, it converts these formats into our good oldy PROTRACKER format!

Moreover, regarding to a tool like Delitracker, it's better to convert packed modules into Protracker format, so that Delitracker plays'em in the correct way.... Coz with each Deliplayer, sometimes, some functions are very bad written and some effects are not handled etc...

Pro-Wizard can detect & rip following music formats:

Protracker normal, Heatseeker Packer, KRIS Packer, Xann Packer, Promizer v1.0c, Pha Packer, Promizer v1.8a, Noise Packer v1/2, Promizer v2.0, Noise Packer v3.0m ProRunner v1.0, Wanton Packer, ProRunner v2.0, UNIC Packer, NoiseRunner, Laxity Packer, ProPacker v1.0, SKYT Packer, ProPacker v2.1, EUREKA Packer, AC1D Packer, Pygmy Projects, Digital Illusions, Channel Player v1, Channel Player v2, Channel Player v3, Promizer v4.0, ProPacker v3.0, The Player v5.0a, StarTrekker Packer, The Player v6.0a, Game Music Creator, Module Protector, Promizer v0.1, FC-M Packer, Soundtracker 2.6, Ice-Tracker, Fuzzac Packer, Old-Kefrens Packer, The Player v4.xx, Tracker Packer 1, Tracker Packer 2&3, NoiseTracker Pak, Polka Packer, Power Music, SoundTK Pro 3.0, Zen Packer, The Player v6.1a & Hornet Packer.


Amiga © Richard Koerber
Latest version: 2.96
Kickstart 1.3+
Download: SoundCracker.lha ~555 kb

With SoundCracker, you are able to rip the music out of games and demos. SoundCracker recognizes the most used player types.

XFR - eXternal Format Rippers (ripper)

Amiga © Andreas Szabo
XFR project is active, more details can be read from homepage.

Ultra fast Amiga OS .library (68k) with eXternal clients (similar to other X-Systems), providing sound or data finding (ripping) and disk reading funcionality for any other programs. Comes with a Delitracker II Genie and an Eagleplayer 2.01+ Engine and also some shell tools (with partial wb/icon support) to scan files, memory, directorys and also disks for sound/formats.