Amiga Music Collection
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08/05/2009 - Visit my new Amiga Music Collection - 2009 edition site. At the moment it contains over 1400 tunes, with much faster downloads and no annoying advertisements. And thanks to database, searching through tunes is easy, and you can even rate & comment on every tune!


If you have any information concerning these tunes (what group has used them, in what game etc.), please mail me. Special thanks for Dascon himself for sending me these tunes!

Click here to download! ( ~109 kb ). Pack contains following files:

dnc_brainfood-#1 - - ProTracker
dnc_brainfood-#4 - - ProTracker
dnc_brainfood-#5 - - ProTracker
dnc_brainfood-#6 - - ProTracker
dnc_brainfood-#10+ - - ProTracker
dnc_brainfood-#11 - - ProTracker
dnc_brainfood-#12 - - ProTracker
dnc_brainfood-#13 - - ProTracker
dnc_brainfood-#16 - - ProTracker
dnc_brainfood-#17 - - ProTracker
dnc_brainfood-#18+ - - ProTracker
dnc_brainfood-#19 - - ProTracker
dnc_brainfood-#20 - - ProTracker
dnc_brainfood-#21 - - ProTracker
dnc_brainfood-#22+ - - ProTracker
dnc_brainfood-#23 - - ProTracker
dnc_chipsanity-v3+ - - ProTracker
maggot corpz - - ProTracker

Some words to explain about the modules:
"the brainfood series was started when I was in Essence, included about 20 chiptunes of mine.. we used them in various packs, like the "Empty Tankard" packseries and others... "Chipsanity" was used in the 64k intro by Lentium and Phornee which won us (Essence) the 1st place in the Euskal 98 introcompetition... "Maggot Corpz" was used in one of the last issues of "Speed" pack by NahKolor.." -Dascon