Amiga Music Collection
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08/05/2009 - Visit my new Amiga Music Collection - 2009 edition site. At the moment it contains over 1400 tunes, with much faster downloads and no annoying advertisements. And thanks to database, searching through tunes is easy, and you can even rate & comment on every tune!


If you have any information concerning these tunes (what group has used them, in what game etc.), please mail me. Special thanks for Crystal Warrior himself for sending me these tunes!

Click here to download! ( ~849 kb ). Pack contains following files:

beyondthecloud-cw - - ProTracker
crystal's-realm-cw - - ProTracker
impression-cw - - ProTracker
inforcer-cw - - ProTracker
joke's-on-you!-cw - - ProTracker
moodswing-cw - - ProTracker
reflections-cw - - ProTracker
touchbass-cw - - ProTracker
vaportrail-cw - - ProTracker

"Crystal Warrior - Ex. Agile / Silents.

Decided to bring some very old songs to life again from the amiga protracker days. 3-4 of these songs were in demo releases back in 86-89ish. Since I havent had a amiga in about 10 years, I do not recall the demo names.

[Artist Info.]
Crystal Warrior aka Dezacrator moved from sid/mod/midi songs to working on video games / TV productions. Titles have included "Summoner PSX2, Bass Strikes PSX2, Descent: Freespace 2, Intel DVD logo, etc. Greets go out to: Melon Dezign, Dr. Awesome, Fleshbrain, Mage, Dr. Chip, Surfer Bob, Gizmo, The Red sector team, Bamiga, Defjam, Fairlight, and the rest of the old timers. Keep it alive!

- Dezacrator"