Amiga Music Collection
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DELIPLAYER 2 (windows)

DeliPlayer Freeware
Latest version: 2.50 Public Beta 1
File size: ~3.84 mb


Famous Amiga player is finally also available for PC!! It supports over 160 Amiga music formats, but it can also play all the regular PC music formats such as IT, XM & MP3 !!

OPEN CUBIC PLAYER (dos & windows)

Open Cubic Player Freeware
Latest version: 2.6.0pre6
File size: ~0.9 mb


Best player for DOS is propably OpenCubic Player, it looks really nice and it plays MOD, S3M, XM, MTM, IT, SID, MP3.. But for a beginner it may be a bit difficult, because you need to edit the cp.ini file to get the most of it. But it's worth a try to download it!! Now OpenCubic Player has also a generic DirectSound support, making it possible to run under Windows!


ModPlug Player Freeware
Latest version: 1.46.01
File size: ~0.3 mb

Good and reliable module player for Windows. Supports all the regular music formats, including IT modules. Player not updated any more..

SIDPLAY2/W (windows)

SidPlay2/w Freeware
Latest version: (June 2 2005)
File size: ~0.4 mb

As the name itself tells, SidPlay is specialised only on classic Commodore 64 SID tunes. Player is very easy to use, and there's lots of options you can edit. Sidplay2/w also supports The High Voltage Sid Collection, the largest and most accurate computer music collection known.

STSOUND (windows)

StSound Cardware
Latest version: 5.5
File size: ~0.2 mb

"ST-Sound was previously a ATARI Music emulator I've written some years ago. It's now a general "Nostalgic" Computer Sound Emulator ! ST-Sound includes many sound technics:

Yamaha YM2149 SoundChip Processor emulation engine
Specific ATARI-ST Sound programming emulation. (SID-Voice and DigiDrum emulation)
AMIGA "PAULA" SoundChip Processor emulation engine.
Universal Digital Sound Tracker engine.
All these "Hardware" emulating capabilities allow ST-Sound to play such Computer musics: ATARI-ST Standard chip musics. (95% of all ATARI game's tunes), ATARI-ST specific chip tunes with SID Voice and/or DigiDrum. (80% of ATARI Demo's tunes !), ATARI-ST Digital Tracker tunes ! (All !! not only MODs, but all strange format, as "KnuckelBusters" in the Cuddly Demos or Digital Departement in the BIG Demo !), AMIGA "Future Composer" tunes, ZX-Spectrum chip tunes, AMSTRAD CPC chip tunes, MSX Chip tunes, Mattel Intellivison Chip tunes, Sega MasterSystem Chip tunes."

WINAMP5 (windows)

WinAmp Freeware
Latest version: 5.21
File size: ~5 mb

WinAmp has become one the most famous module players ever! It plays all the regular modules + MP3 (which was the reason why it became so popular..) There's plenty of plugins & skins made for it..



And if you're looking players for Amiga, check out ExoticA! There's all the famous ones available to download (Like Hippo Player, Eagle Player..)



"Deliplayer is the best player for exotic music formats only if you are running windows. On GNU/Linux, *BSD and other UNIX systems UADE (Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator) is the best. Plays over 150 formats at the moment." -Heikki Orsila!




Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or newer
Latest version: 3.0
File size: ~0.9 mb

Free & priceless audio player for Mac OS X, which is able to play module files, with a focus on sound quality and being simple but powerful at the same time. It supports IT, S3M, XM, MTM, MOD, UMX and MO3 formats. It features playlist, channel volume editor, instruments panel, information window, sound customization options, and much more. It runs natively on Mac OS X, no extra libraries are required.