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Amiga Music Collection
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Amiga Music Collection (originally Amiga 500 Music Collection) has been online now for about five or so years, and with current outlook about three years. When I first created this "new" outlook, the code didn't really use or follow any certain specifications, it was mostly a total mix of my self-learned current web page designing knowledge with a mix of HTML 4.x specifications and god knows what. Now, after many years, inspired by this project, I have:

  • updated code to be fully XHTML 1.1 compatible and verified it (same goes for CSS)
  • tested that the pages work both with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
  • re-write most parts of text again (still not perfect but a bit closer to it..)
  • updated and removed dead links, tested that all the files can be downloaded
  • optimized the code "lighter", removing some unnecessary things and removing *many* unnecessary tables..
  • updated the graphics a bit, including a new logo and so on.


The site complies with XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2.0. JavaScript is used to change the background on the menu (when mouse is dragged over some menu link, background color changes from yellow to red). Recommended resolution to use is 800x600 or better. Guestbook and search is provided by Tripod Lycos, and the forum by BoardHost.

The site is designed to be viewed and used with Internet Explorer 6.0, but it is also tested to fully work with Mozilla Firefox 1.0.


All the files of the site are originally located under the address These pages however are temporarily located at, because LycosTripod adds tons of scripts & pop-ups to the pages..

Filenames and folders are saved either in upper/lowercase, and extensions in lowercase. Spaces are replaced with _ (underscore). Downloadable music files are compressed in zip format.


  [files located at]


	2pac.html               [tunes by 2pac]
	af.html                 [tunes from A to F, including numerals]
	author.html             [info about the author]
	crack.html              [info about crack tunes]
	crystal_warrior.html    [tunes by Crystal Warrior]
	dascon.html             [tunes by Dascon]
	feedback.html           [links to guestbook and message board]
	game.html               [tunes used in games]
	gl.html                 [tunes from G to L]
	index.html              [main page, news]
	links.html              [links to other similar sites]
	misc.html               [miscellaneous tunes]
	mr.html                 [tunes from M to R]
	players.html            [reviews and links to players]
	rippers.html            [reviews links to rippers]
	search.html             [simple search]
	site_specs.html         [site specifications]
	styles.css              [style definitions]
	sw.html                 [tunes from S to W]
	tdk.html                [tunes by Tdk]
	wotw.html               [tunes by Wotw]
	xz.html                 [tunes from X to Z]


	\   [html/css files]
	+-- cgi-bin             [folder for Perl scripts (not needed)]
	+-- Crack_tunes         [crack tunes]
	|   |
	|   +-- 2pac            [tunes by 2pac]
	|   +-- AF              [tunes from A to F, including numerals]
	|   +-- Crystal_Warrior [tunes by Crystal Warrior]
	|   +-- Dascon          [tunes by Dascon]
	|   +-- GL              [tunes from G to L]
	|   +-- MR              [tunes from M to R]
	|   +-- SW              [tunes from S to W]
	|   +-- Tdk             [tunes by Tdk]
	|   +-- Wotw            [tunes by Wotw]
	|   +-- XZ              [tunes from X to Z]
	+-- Demo_tunes          [tunes used in demos]
	+-- Games_tunes         [tunes used in games]
	+-- images              [all the images used on the website]
	+-- Misc_tunes          [miscellaneous tunes]


The main navigation is at the top of the page and it is always visible. Page related submenu, if any, appears right under the main navigation menu.


All the images used on the site are either in JPEG or GIF format. GIF is mostly used on page name images (named as t_pagename.gif) and on some very simple images. JPEG is used on images tat have lots of colors or are complex.


The main color theme of the site is dark blue, light yellow and red.